Managed Workplace

If your Company or Users don't know a lot about technology then anything "Managed" in our Service plans mean Hands-Off we'll take care of it for you with up to 3 LOW PRIORITY CLIENT SUCCESS hours you can use within the Year to assign TASKS or APPOINTMENTS to review the service, device or user on a regular basis without having to worry about purchasing hours.  

We keep notes on anything managed and monitor status and in order to do this software or configuration may need to be installed or performed on the equipment being Managed by SaaSTech Servers and on any device Users can assign us tasks and even bump up the priority based on our Availability.  As a result you will save time in consulting as it is known services, users and devices and the more we know the quicker we can help!

Client Success Services

These are hours used for Training, Consulting, Tech Services that are TASKS or APPOINTMENTS; they are included in Managed Workplace or can be purchased separately on it's own and used when needed or after using the existing pool of hours included in your Managed Workplace plan are used.

Prices are subject to change yearly on your renewal