With Client Success Services you can be billed after the work is completed or if you have gone over Pre-Purchased CREDIT Hours.  The PER USE rate is typically only if you are ever going to use less than 9 hours service within the year.  Otherwise purchasing 12 hours in this case give 3 more hours service!  Managed Workplace includes Client Success Hours too.

Managed Workplace user, devices and services will get the most savings especially when emergency tasks arise you will get more priority.  Existing Clients are our PRIORITY and Managed Workplace or Clients with CREDIT will handled before PER USE clients.

Not purchasing any of the 12 or 40 hour plans going over hours within 30 days will be invoiced at the "PER USE" Rate.  SUPPORT PRIORITY Rates apply and "PER USE" RATE IS listed as "LOW PRIORITY".



LOW - P4: Low Priority Impact - Service Fully Usable, Ticket Item, Scheduled Appointment, Remote Connection, Remote Consultation
(SLA Low 1 Day / 3 Days)


$20/15 min

MEDIUM - P3: Medium Priority Impact - Service Use Partially Impaired, Non-Ticket Item, Unscheduled Remote Connection, On-SaaSTech Bench
(SLA Medium 8 hrs / 1 Day)


$30/15 min

HIGH - P2: High Priority Impact - Service Use Severely Impaired, onsite scheduled, planned coding, Travel Time, On-Site Consultation
(SLA High 4 hrs / 12 hrs)


$40/15 min

URGENT - P1: Critical Priority Impact - Service Unusable or coding in Production, Holiday, Off Hours Unplanned
(SLA Urgent 1 hrs / 4 hrs)


$50/15 min


For Payment Plans get 10 hours now and make 10 monthly payments  x $85

For better rates Choose 12 Hour Credit Plan or 40 Hour Credit Plan