If your device, user or workstation is covered under Managed Workplace to request support you must Book an Appointment or Report Issue.  

Use appointments for time sensitive issues and tasks or request due date to make sure your Dedicated Client Success Manager is available.  Select the proper Priority to show the times available.  You can not book an appointment ahead of the "Expect a Response Time" listed in the Support Priority.  Selecting a Higher Priority than LOW automatically increases the Billable hours.  (See: What is Support Priority)

If your issue is not time sensitive then Report an Issue and it will be addressed within the Support Priority Time Frame.  If you text message or email your CSS Manager directly it could slow down your response times and impact billable hours; please email support@saastech.net instead. (See: What is Support Priority)

SEE: How to Report an Issue or Work Order Request

SEE: How to Book an Appointment