Client Success Service Plans offer a convenient way to purchase time for Remote Training, Delegate IT Administrative Tasks, Consulting, Technical Support or Design Tasks by either creating a Work Order Ticket or Booking an Appointment.  

Time purchased and bundles of hours or Invoices as Per Use Due on completion of Support Services.  



In order to Use the Service you MUST EITHER:

When we create your account by Purchasing Client Success Services you are assigned a Dedicated CSS Manager.  This is the same person who signed you up for the service internally assigned to handle all of your account needs from Billing to Technical Support.  They will have an Assistant or Reception that may respond when your Dedicated Manager is unavailable; they will always introduce their assistant in person or over the phone first with each of the Managed Contacts in your account.  

Your Dedicated CSS Manager will give you their mobile number for High and Urgent request ONLY If you have not first reported the Issue or Booked an Appointment and will be recorded and billed to the Support Priority Billable Hours. 

We can remote connect to Windows and Mac Computers, can help with Mobile Device Management, Help with virtually anything you need to customize the entire suite for your business.

  • Your Company must have a Plan Purchased already for support or an Agreement must be made for Chargeable service.
    • Pick any one of the Service Plans at
    • 3 Hours of Client Success Services are included in Managed Workplace Plans that expire each year or month depending on the billing term selected.

See What is Support Priority

See How to Report an Issue or Open a Work Order Request

See How to Book an Appointment

Excellent Tasks for Client Success Services by Priority

LOW Priority Tasks

Service Setups, configuration changes, Data Migration Services, Website Planning, Design Services web or print, SEO Service, Ad Campaign Setups, Analytic Setups, Scheduled Reviews of services, planned changes to your website, computers, Remote On the Job Training, Consultation services, Virtual Assistant tasks.

MEDIUM Priority Tasks

Some things are broken but not everything to consider a down service - things aren't working right and they were before, Work that is done at our offices, An issue was directly taken to a dedicated success manager by phone, text message, or on-site directly without reporting an issue or booking an appointment.

HIGH Priority Tasks

Service or Device is severely impaired, Service Call, travel time, 

URGENT Priority Tasks

A support request is needed within 1 hour of response and your issue is conflicting with a SaaSTech Client Success Managers Regular Schedule of duties.  Persistent text and phone calls within the 24 hour period of a LOW Tasks or the assign priority.  On Premise Equipment or Managed Service is down and someone from your company requests a task within the hour.



12 hour CREDIT

40 hour

LOW - P4: Low Priority Impact - Service Fully Usable, Ticket Item, Scheduled Appointment, Remote Connection, Remote Consultation
(SLA Low 1 Day / 3 Days)


$20/15 min


$15/15 min


$12.50/15 min

MEDIUM - P3: Medium Priority Impact - Service Use Partially Impaired, Non-Ticket Item, Unscheduled Remote Connection, On-SaaSTech Bench
(SLA Medium 8 hrs / 1 Day)


$30/15 min


$22.50/15 min


$18.75/15 min

HIGH - P2: High Priority Impact - Service Use Severely Impaired, onsite scheduled, planned coding, Travel Time, On-Site Consultation
(SLA High 4 hrs / 12 hrs)


$40/15 min


$30/15 min


$25/15 min

URGENT - P1: Critical Priority Impact - Service Unusable or coding in Production, Holiday, Off Hours Unplanned
(SLA Urgent 1 hrs / 4 hrs)


$50/15 min


$37.50/15 min


$31.25/15 min

SLA - Service Level Agreement to Respond and Resolve Tickets

Web Site Hour Estimates

These tasks are based on our averages and only an estimate when considering to purchase hour credits

ComponentEst Time
Standard Pages1.88
Minor Pages0.75
ECommerce 13.00
ECommerce 24.00
ECommerce 315.00
ECommerce 420.00
ECommerce product pages0.50
Access or MySql Database8.00
QTVR Image (VR Image)4.00
Assignment Photography8.00
Word & PDF Documents1.00
Web Cam1.00
Hardware/software Setup2.00
Automated Submit Service4.00
Exhaustive Top 10 Submit8.00
Press Release Service2.00
Audio / Video Clip3.00
Software Downloads0.50
InstallShield Install8.00
Install for the Web Install8.00
Flash Splash Page8.00
Flash Navigation Page24.00
Dynamic Content3.00
Intranet Setup3.00
ShockWave 60.00
Image Randomizer0.25
Web Ring8.00
Monthly Wallpaper5.00
Monthly Tips1.00
Newsletter Signup1.00
Secure Login 2.00
XML Programming2.00
Cookie Management2.00
Fax Form2.00
Automated Specials2.00
Automated Search2.00
Link Exchange1.00
Colored/Texture Background0.00
Custom Imaging1.00
Animated GIFs0.25
Monthly Contest2.00
Password Protected Login4.00
Integrate with Web App1.00
Search Engine Rank Report0.25
Link Testing Report0.25
Spell-check of Site3.08
Testing Site3.08
Competitive Analysis3.00
High Content Writing8.00
Virtual Reality 360 Image3.00
Custom 12 Image Screensaver8.00
Custom 24 Image Screensaver14.00
Inlay Design3.00
Setup Robot.txt file0.25
Extra Keyword Splash Page0.25
Creation of Storyboard9.25
Register Site & Domain0.50
Custom Video Shoot12.00
File Transfers6.17
Doorway Pages & Submits40.00
Affiliate Tracking0.00
DBMS Design0.00
DBMS Integration0.00
P3P Compliance0.00
Multilingual Support0.00
Section 508 Compliance0.00
Research and Design0.00
Animation/3-D Modeling0.00
Custom 404 Error Handler0.00
Anti-spam Protection0.00
Anti-fraud Protection0.00
Email Campaigns0.00
Web Server Security0.00

Help Desk / Troubleshooting Hour Estimates

These tasks are based on our averages and only an estimate when considering to purchase hour credits

ComponentEst Time
Password Reset0.25
Administration Lock-out / Reset0.50
Meetings (Support)2.00
Travel Time (Extended)2.00
Training Session (Scheduled)2.00
Re-installation: Application2.00
Re-installation: OS4.00
Hardware Installation0.50
Other Research1.00
Application Support0.50
Client's Customer Support1.00
Order / E commerce Support0.50
Create Backups1.00
Restore Backups1.00
Create Email Accounts0.15
Anti-Virus / Spyware Support1.00
Intranet Support1.00
Web Server Support3.00
Mail Server Support3.00
Printer Support0.50
Network Connectivity Support0.50
Wireless Access Support0.50
Laptop / Mobile Support2.00
General Troubleshooting1.00