First, Take 5! - How to think like a troubleshooter

Please be detailed when reporting an Issue

  1. Define the problem (Be Specific.)

  2. Define the scope (Who, What, When, Where)

  3. Reproduce (have you tried something else?)

  4. What’s not the answer? (What did you try?)

  5. Start time? (What changed?)

  6. Check online (What resources have you found?)

How to Report an Issue or Work Order Request:

  • by phone at 800-987-3709

    • Give RECEPTION your Details

      • FIRST and LAST Name
      • Company Name or if it's a Personal Device or Service
      • A Call Back Number
      • Your email address so they can open a Work Order, if it is a task that is covered under your plan we will go ahead and do the task for your company under Support Hours Purchased
    • Tell RECEPTION about your Issue

      • Be Detailed - with Who, What, When, Where your issue occurred

    • Tell RECEPTION about your Priority

      • All Request are considered LOW Priority unless you request otherwise.  See Support Priority to understand our expected First Response Times, Resolve Times and Billable Hours.
    • To avoid giving your details when you call back in 800-987-3709 or want to escalate your issue for a transfer please give reception your Work Order Ticket Number

  • by our website at

  • by email at

    • If your email address is already identified in the system we know who you are; 
      • your Subject should be a brief description or TASK NAME
      • body of the message can include as much detail as you like and attachments up to 10MB
    • All email is treated as a LOW priority unless MEDIUM:,HIGH, or URGENT: is before the subject of your email description
      • Include a call back number
      • Always be as detailed as possible when describing your issue