Welcome to Gmail!

The 2 most important pieces of info you need to know your first day with Gmail:

  1. Your Email Address - this is also your login to all of your G Suite Google Services
  2. Your Password

After that you will be able to following anything within this G Suite Guide with your computer or a friends computer.  Our recommendations through this guide will help you become independent from any one system.

Google has put together a Learning Center that the videos from our Your First Days Guide was put together from.  

Check out the G Suite Gmail Learning Center here https://gsuite.google.com/learning-center/products/gmail/get-started/#!/

Or SaaSTech Servers' Your First Day's Guide here https://firstdays.sasktech.net/gmail

The Your First Days Guide is a Series of YouTube Videos like this one below:

First take an Intro to Gmail for Your Computer

You will see all of these with text tips next to each video or on YouTube in the video Descriptions.

Setup your Mobile Devices

The next step is to put Gmail on your Mobile Device so you can have ALL your email with you wherever you go!

There are many ways to setup your device with Gmail; But for the first 30 Days I recommend trying the mobile App.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • The App consumes little to no space on your device; free up more space for those dog photos :)
  • Its the easiest to setup and troubleshoot issues
  • Using one of the Google Apps are much like all of them - new apps will become really easy to learn
  • All of the Apps work on either Apple or Android Devices keeping consistent between devices and staff
  • It is the most secure because less data is on your device
  • You will get more features from your Gmail service than a standard mobile email client (like attaching files from Google Drive will learn more about another day).

I have created this video guide on Gmail the Mobile Gmail App you can get from the either the Apple App Store or the Google Playstore