To connect your domain name to your website you’ll need to change your nameservers. How you change your nameservers depends on where your domain is registered and where your website is registered. Use the table below to find the scenario that's applicable to your situation and follow those instructions.

My domain is registered withMy website is hosted withFollow these instructions...
SaskTech ServersSaskTech ServersSet nameservers for domains hosted & registered with SaskTech Servers
SaskTech ServersAnother CompanyFirst, get the names of your nameservers from your website hosting company.
Then, change your domain to use your website hosting company's nameservers
Another CompanySaskTech ServersFirst, find out what your SaskTech Servers nameservers are
Then, provide them to the company where your domain is registered
Another CompanyDNS Hosting (formerly known as "Off-Site DNS")Manage DNS zone files for your domain registered at another company
SaskTech ServersVPS/Dedicated
First, create your own nameservers
Then, update your domain name to use your newly created nameservers