Choose a look for your site. Each theme comes with a preset background, color scheme, and font selection. You can adjust fonts, colors, and the background later, and you can always change the theme after the site is created. If you need to make any changes, click Undo undo, or Redo redo.

  1. Change the background image:
    1. Go to Sites and open your site.
    2. Point to the background image and click
      Change image image.
    3. Choose an option:
      • To upload an image from your computer, click Upload.
      • To choose an image from the gallery or another location, click Select image.
    4. (Optional) To go back to the original background image, click Reset refresh.
  2. Change the header type:
    1. Point to the background image and click Header type Sites header.
    2. Choose an option:
      • Cover
      • Large banner
      • Banner
      • Title only
  3. Change the theme and font style:
    1. In the top-right corner, click Themes.
    2. Select a theme option and choose a color.
    3. Click Font style and select a style.