Note: If you’re using Backup and Sync backup instead of Drive File Stream, see Back up and sync files with Google Drive.

If you want to work on files from your desktop, install Drive File Stream. All your Drive files appear and can be streamed on demand, so they don’t take up all your storage space on your computer.

(If you decide later to uninstall Drive File Stream, your Drive files won’t be affected. They can still be accessed from Drive on the web.)

Drive File Stream is only available if your G Suite administrator has turned it on for your organization or team.

Move files to a folder:

  1. Decide which files you want to store in Drive.
  2. (Optional) Organize the files in folders the way you want them to appear in Drive.
  3. Click Drive File Stream drive_file_stream.
  4. Click Open Google Drive Folder folder_mydrive.
  5. Move the files and folders into a folder. From now on, these files exist in the Drive folder and are synchronized with other devices that also have Drive installed.

If your internet connection breaks or you need to go offline in the middle of a sync, Drive File Stream picks up where it left off when you’re back online.