If you have 2-Step Authentication setup and when logging into a Google G Suite Account get an "Invalid Password" error message or setting up Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, or an iOS Device you might need to Generate an App Specific Password.An App Specific Password is really an alternative password to the regular password you use when signin into an account but this password is specific to an Device or Application.

If this device become stolen - Later, you can revoke the password so that it can no longer have access to the account.   It is still best practice however to reset you regular password if the device is stolen but it will no longer sync the device.

  • - Go to http://myaccount.google.com and Sign In if prompted
  • - Click Sign-in & security
  • - Click Signing into Google
  • - Select App Passwords (You might be prompted to sign in again, this is normal)
  • - From the drop down menus Select App & Select Device choose your settings and click Generate to create a new App Password
  • - Now use the password Generated in the password field of the device when configuring the email or Google Account settings.

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